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Name: Ajonye Paul

Profile: Full stack developer

Profession: Student

Skillset so far

HTML 98%
CSS3 90%
PHP 67%
About me

Hey there I'm Ajonye Paul, A senior web developer and designer currently studying in Federal University of Technology, Minna. I help clients to understand what a website is and help them create a professional one at an affordable rate.

What makes up the cost of creating a website

Web Hosting

This is where your website files lives on the internet (the server) e.g The pics you upload, the posts you write etc.
Costs It can range from N15,000 to N50,000 per year it all depends on your needs

Domain Name

This is the name that your visitors type in their browser to visit your website e.g , etc. Even those big companies pay for it yearly
Costs It can range from N3,500 to N5,000 per year it all depends on the provider

Services Costs

This is the one time fee you pay to the web designer or Web Agency for helping you to create and upload your website online.
Costs It can range from N40,000 to N1 million or more, it all depends on the functionality of the website.

My Services Pricing

Free of charge

I will help you set up your website for FREE (i.e no service fee), while you cover the costs of Hosting and Domain name. But I will place a bannner of my service neatly on your website for 12 months.

Fair Pricing

I will set up your website for you at the regular costs starting at N20,000 for a simple blog and higher depending on the type and functionality of the website.


Below are the kind of websites I can design for you, you can contact me for any of them...

Personal Blog

If you want to start sharing your thoughts online on topics such as health, tech, entertainment etc contact me below.

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An Online Store

I can help you create an online store so you can take your brand or Business online and start making more sales.

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news and media

Are you planning to start a news website or media outlet to write about politics, entertainment, business etc. contact me now.

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Photo gallery

Are you a photographer that needs more exposure and customers? Most photography studios are already creating online galleries to showcase their best works.

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Business Website

Are a business or company that want to share your business history, products, teams etc with your customers and clients? I can create a professional looking website for you.

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A Portfolio Website

Lemme guess, you are that web designer, lawyer, marketing expert, business consultant etc that want a website to showcase yours skills and works so clients can reach you. I can help create a website similar to this for you.

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Samuel Ayobami

His service is great and affordable for both beginners and established businesses. He helped me create a product landing that have been driving in sales for me.

Martha Nsofor

Am so filled with Joy with blog Paul created for me. it was my first time blogging so helped me with the set up everything very easily

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If you need a blog, online store, business website or any type of website listed above. You can contact me with the form above or in my social media handles below.

  • Federal University Of Technology, Minna.